How To Beat an ATS??


July 05, 2021

ATS Stand for Application Tracking System is a software that helps recruiters manage the recruitments process by scanning Resumes and by ranking them. An ATS friendly Resume one that has keywords that match the Job description. It also matches relevant work experience and highlights specific key skills which that job has required. So, if your Resume is not ATS friendly then it will never land the hands on a recruiter. It will end in a black hole. Keep it simple and not overdo it. You will be disqualified when the recruiter read your resume.

Make sure it is easy to read for human beings and also for machines alike and also it is very genuine.

If it is less than 75% - 80% just you will not get any interview calls.

So, you want to make sure that your resume should be ATS friendly so that you can be considered for the next round of selection. You must modify your Resume each time when you apply for a job.

You have to read very carefully each job description, its duties and responsibilities. You have to tailor your resume accordingly so that ATS can pick your resume up and score you high. So, with each and every job always alter your resume with respect to giving job duties and responsibilities. Everything they are asking for.

Make sure we have to choose a resume template that is very easy to read. It is software that is scanning through your resume.

The format is very important.

  • Do not use lot of graphic elements.
  • It should be well-written and well-formatted.
  • It should be in chronological order.
  • Always use Readable fonts like and put right skill
  • Keep your resume close to what company has advertised.
  • Even you are saving it. Make sure it as pdf format.

Make sure that Don’t so much focus on beating only ATS. It is easy to read for human beings and also for machines alike and also it is very genuine

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