How to Build a Stand Out a Resume/CV?


July 05, 2021

Always remember one thing that you have only 20-30 seconds to Shine

A strong Resume /CV is most important for landing the best job. Writing a Resume can be very complicated sometimes when you have no idea of what to include and what to leave out , but that is what I am here for helping you all.

You have to focus on key information that a recruiter wants to see. It does not really matter if you are a student, a recent graduate or an experienced professional, your resume needs to be reviewed every now and then.

The design of your resume is very important. Because want to make sure that you want to attract your recruiter’s attention.

You want to tell them a story about yourself. Your resume advertises your education, skillsets and experience. So, structure you going to be easy to read.

There are some basic steps to follow while building a resume/CV. You have to focus on some key factors.
  • Make sure the structure of your Resume/CV has be easy to read, straight to the point and capture the attention of recruiters
  • Make sure you will write Personal information on the top

Mobile number | Place | Email address | LinkedIn profile link

( Your other website information like GitHub and Code Chef so on)

  • Always focus on font size, font colour and proofread your Resume
  • Always write a strong profile summary
  • Highlight your core competence, internship and experience (If you are a fresher, you can highlight your project which you have completed during the education)
  • As a fresher you have to cover all the information on a page.
  • Skill part is also a very important part. So, write it in an effective a way.
  • Always include your achievement and extracurricular activities.
  • Avoid abbreviations and try to use the right action verbs.
My key focus to help Jobseekers in creating a stand out Resume /CV which helps you to secure the right job for you. Once a fresher enters the job market without any prior experience. He/ She needs some opportunities to learn and showcase their talent. At that point in time for securing a job or an internship, you need Stand Out Resume /CV. It should be powerful.

I really hope that you have learnt something valuable from this article.

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