The Most Common interview question all time


July 05, 2021

The Most Common interview question all time is Tell me about yourself. It is an Icebreaking question. This is appliable to both a fresh graduate, as well as a professional with years of experience.

This question for your selection and elimination of candidates. Because recruiters get a number of applications for the same job.

If your resume has passed the ATS test. The content of your resume is safe. You will be selected for next round. Question: Tell me about your resume

Best Answer

Just start with

As you can go through in my resume Then you have to summarize the resume within 1 minute

(Start with your oldest End with your most recent experience)

Talk about your skillsets and projects.

That’s what brings me here today and I am very excited to learn more about this opportunity.

Only talk about the position which you are giving the interview. Tell them how you are valuable to their company.

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